Rathcoffey GAA Online Bingo

Every Monday Night - 8:30 pm

Each night there will be eleven games including the weekly Jackpot 

First you must purchase your book. 

Please go online and to the following link: 


On this page you will find two options for Online Bingo; 

  • Single Book including Jackpot sheet for €10 
  • Double Book including double Jackpot Sheets for €18 

A Pop-Up box will allow you to purchase additional Jackpot sheets @ €2 each 

You will be asked to enter specific details for registration prior to completing your purchase. Once registered you will be able to complete your purchases online and pay with a credit/debit card or use Apple Pay or Google Pay from your smartphone. 

There will be a cut-off timefor purchases of 4:30 pm on Monday. Any purchases made after this time will not be eligible for play on the night but will be valid for the next week. 

Bingo books & sheets will be sent by email. 

Books purchased before 2:00 pm on Sunday will be emailed on Sunday evening. Books purchased after 2:00 pm on Sunday will be emailed after 4.30 pm and prior to the event on Monday.  

Please note Bingo Books are produced and emailed separately by “Let's Play Bingo” and are not distributed by either Clubforce or Rathcoffey GAA. Club.  

These will be sent separately by our bingo organiser via email to all participants after the 4.30 pm cut-off on Monday and prior to the start of the event at 8:30 pm, (Zoom connection will be open from 07:45 pm). 

The best and easiest way to play is to print out your books and dab or circle each number as it is called. 

However, if you haven’t got access to a printer, there are alternatives 

  • Copy the bingo card using pen and paper. Write out the bingo numbers as they appear on your individual pages. Then mark off circling the numbers. This is a rather cumbersome way. 
  • Using your smartphone or tablet, take a screenshot of your bingo pages and save them to your photos. You can then mark the numbers on your device. 

Ready to Go


Bingo will commence at 8.30 pm on Monday. Zoom connection will be available from 7.45 pm. You will receive a link to the Zoom event in an email along with your Bingo books. 

You will have to be connected to the internet on a PC or other device such as a tablet, iPad, Smart Phone (Apple or Android). 

You may leave the video option on your device switched on or off according to your wishes. Likewise, your microphone can be switched on or off. You can then, if you wish, check-in with the caller or have a chat with the other players (this is entirely optional). There is also an option to post chats on the screen.  

However, you must switch off your microphone during the game and you should only activate it in the event of your having a ‘check’ 

You are welcome to switch on and ‘chat’ (a) before the game commences, (b) during the interval, or (3) at the end of the game.

We will use software system called “Play & Check”. The caller will share his screen so that you will be able to see him/her and the numbers as they are called. If a player has a winning combination they switch on their microphone and shout “check”. The caller will ask them for the number of the panel in which their combination is located and it can then be verified on the system. 

There is no need to fear you will not check in time as the caller will be alerted by the system when there is a winning combination.  

Once the winner has identified themselves, the caller can then verify the ‘check’ and proceed with the game. 

Claiming your winnings. 

You must claim your winnings by email and this should be done by 10.00 am on Tuesday following the Bingo to guarantee prompt payment. 

Claims should be emailed to rathcoffeybingo@gmail.com in the following format: 


Name of Player:  

Game No:  

Panel No:  

Amount: €  


Account Holder Name:



Phone number (if you have Revolut):